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We offer a direct, wired connection to our fiber optic backbone in the center of Mt Baldy village, East of Mt Baldy Road, between Lodge and Firestation. More locations are coming. Excellent uptime, extensive speed options, VoIP phone service, superior wifi calling. New customers also get access to 100+ hotspot wifi access points for one smart device (additional devices ~$5/month)
For more information text to 909.666.0911.

For the most part, we are using Fixed Wireless Technology instead of physical wires to send the Internet to a receiving location. Typically we require a line of sign to one of our stations with an unobstructed view. A site inspection is needed to figure out coverage, expected speed, and hardware requirements. We always need access to a standard household electrical outlet and ability to mount some small hardware on the premises. New customers get access to 70+ hotspot wifi access points for one smart device (additional devices ~$5/month)

On 70+ locations throughout the mountain, we offer WiFi connectivity on the go. Look for a WiFi Network in your device settings named "" and sign in. You will be guided to a welcome screen giving you multiple options for WiFi connectivity with credit card payments. Once you are registered, you will have access for the selected period of time on all mountain locations where "" is available, and your phone should automatically connect when in range. New residential customers receive Hotspot access for one device automatically. Outdoor coverage map (almost accurate).

The vast majority of modern Smart Phones and carriers support WiFi calling. If your phone is connected to a WiFi network with sufficient data speed and response time, it will act as if connected to a cellular tower, no need to have "cell coverage." Typically it is an easy adjustment to the settings in your phone, and you might need to contact your carrier to set it up (there generally is no extra charge for this feature). Please text to 909.666.0911 should you have any problems getting WiFi calling working. Wifi calling is available on all our networks.

Our network supports VoIP with a local number. Those services are available through 3rd party VoIP providers such, Vonage, Ooma starting at ~$10/month and you can keep your current Frontier number. Text us for more details at 909.666.0911.

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