$ 69 per month
  • 10x5Mbps  with up to 30Mbps burst (when available), Good for one streaming device and good web browsing.
  •  Mountainwide hotspot access for one smart phone included 

Residential +

$ 89 per month
  • 25x10 Mbps with up to 50Mbps burst (when available), Good for multiple streaming devices and fast web browsing.
  •  Mountainwide hotspot access for two smart phones included


$ 160 per year
  • 2x2Mbps speed for one device only. Good for 100+ access points in Mt Baldy. Wifi calling, texting and browsing.
  • Click the button below to see details of our wifi coverage 


(from $299)
Call us
  • Contact us with your requirements and location, where you want the service installed.
  • Speed and connection reliability need to be tested at your location

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